In February 1999, Saw Meng Tee & Co was established (Saw Meng Tee & Partners PAC from 2008).

We are focused in client service.

We provide auditing, taxation, liquidation and corporate advisory services to a wide range of businesses in Singapore. As we grew in our auditing, taxation and other services, we developed capabilities in the areas of internal audit, litigation support and transaction support capabilities, particularly in mergers and acquisitions.

Over the years, we have assisted clients in terms of corporate advisory and due diligence work and in doing so, aid them in listing on major stock exchanges including the Singapore Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Together with Metropolitan Management Services Pte. Ltd., our associate firm, we currently have more than 60 dedicated professionals providing seamless financial and corporate services to our clients.

We have built the firm on a steadfast belief that professional excellence is vital but not enough. A high level of service quality is expected of each and every member of the firm. Nonetheless, the dedication and commitment of our staff is the most valuable factor contributing to our dynamic expansion. Our clientele is growing steadily and our portfolio currently has over 600 clients from various industry groups all over the world. These industries include Travel and Leisure, Trading, Printing, Food and Beverage, Retail and Customer Service, Capital and Investment Management, Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing and Media, amongst others.

We are experienced in dealing with clients from all over the world including the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Asia Pacific, Europe, America, South Asia and Australia.