Globalisation is determining the way we do business. Transactions now extend over continents and while this expands our corporate world, unified communications draws us all closer and speeds everything up.

In response to our clients’ needs in the midst of the challenges and opportunities of today’s global economy, we were invited in 2005 to join Premier International Associates. This association is an exclusive affiliation of independent accounting and consulting firms with the chief aim of providing flawless execution and quality services to our clients wherever they are and to provide the same excellent services to clients of member firms around the globe.

Premier International was founded in 1997 to help mid-sized independent accounting and business consulting firms keep in pace with globalisation and to overcome challenges such as companies with multi-state locations, the consequences of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the expansion of the European Union, the creation of the Euro, the development of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as opportunities within the Pacific Rim, Africa, and Central and South America.

Premier International provides member firms the opportunity to band together, offering their clients with the highest standards of professional competence and customised services on a global scale. Each member firm is required to provide clients with traditional accounting, audit, tax and business consulting services as well as sophisticated tax planning, management advisory and technical support services.

It is our dedication to personalised service that sets us apart from the large multinational firms. That is why at Premier International, every client has access to at least one partner and is given individual attention on a peer-to-peer level.