As our economic environment evolves rapidly, businesses are left to deal with uncertainties and market turbulence. This sometimes causes the most important detail of a company’s foundation, like its structure, to be overlooked.

From successful companies to underperforming ones or even transitional businesses, our teams will promptly evaluate the financial and operational issues adversely affecting the client’s performance and assess the most strategic and cost effective alternatives. After which, we will evaluate, develop and execute comprehensive plans to address these issues.

Winding up a company may not always put the creditor in the best position and may pose difficulties in receiving outstanding payments. Financial difficulties are very real problems that are faced by some companies, even by those at the top of an economic cycle. In such situations, companies or creditors should explore the best possible options by taking into account the unique situation of their company, hence achieving optimal outcome whether through rehabilitation, restructuring or liquidation.


Our services include:

  • Business resuscitation
  • Monitoring of services
  • Restructuring


We accept the following appointments:


Liquidators / Provisional Liquidators

We are able to act as liquidators in each type of winding up. From representing shareholders to a company voluntarily winding up to restoring capital back to the shareholders or just simply representing the creditors’ interest:

  • Court Winding Up
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up
  • Members’ Voluntary Winding Up


Receivers / Managers

Receivers and managers protect the position of the creditor in a situation where the debenture provided by the lender is secured.


Judicial Managers

Financially troubled but viable companies are sometimes given the chance to ‘rehabilitate’ through the protection accorded by the provisions on Judicial Management in the Companies Act, Cap 50. This protection could help such a company continue to operate as a going concern or allow a more advantageous realisation of the company’s assets rather than in a liquidation.


Scheme Administrators

We can help debtors to work out a Scheme of Arrangement under Section 210 of the Companies Act, Cap 50.


Business Restructuring

Sometimes troubled businesses can be resuscitated. Our team of professionals can assist and assess companies to see if this is a viable alternative to winding up.